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Oilfield Equipment

We manufacture and supply rods and couplings of API 11B, rod pumps and tubing pumps of API 11AX.  According to environment of oilfields, we have succeeded in developing steel sucker rods, pony rods, polished rods, super-high strength sucker rods, integral forged hollow sucker rods and sink bars; and more than 20 series over 100 types of subsurface pumps and down-hole tools such as wear-resisting anti-corrosion pumps£¬heavy crude oil pumps£¬sand-proof pumps£¬gas-proof pumps, double-barrel pumps£¬long stroke pumps£¬deep well pumps£¬testing pumps£¬separate-sucking pumps£¬high efficiency anti-jam pumps, jet pumps, etc£®Subsurface sucker rod pumps and fittings are sorted as RHA£¬RHB£¬RXB£¬RHT£¬RWA£¬RWB£¬RWI TH£¬RSA£¬RSB£¬RST,TP, etc£®Also, pumps can be manufactured per customers requirements£®

Heavy crude oil pump is a special pump for crude oil. Its main feature is that the sucker rod can overcome resistance of crude oil and move downward smoothly by application of liquid load in the oil tube pole£®Heavy crude oiI pumps by our company varies such as feedback heavy crude oil pump£¬immersion heavy crude oil pump£¬side-inlet valve pump and variable displacement pump£®Heavy crude oil pump is suitable for directly sucking crude oil with a viscosity lower than 4000 centipoises£®and the pump can suck crude oil with a high viscosity by injecting steam or viscosity breaking agent£®

Sand-proof pump is a special pump for oil wells rich in sands£¬the pump is easy to be jammed and buried by sands£®Sand-proof pumps by our company varies such as long plunger sand-proof tubing pump£¬long plunger sand-proof rod pump£¬short plunger sand-proof pump£¬traveling barrel sand-proof pump and equal-diameter plunger sand-proof pump£®Main feature of sand-proof pump is that sands can be prevented from entering the fitting surface of the barrel and the plunger£¬and there is a sand passage for collecting sands£¬and deposit sands in the tail pipe under the pump£®The sand-proof pump can work normally in the welIs with a sand contenl from 0.18% to 3.2%.

Gas-proof pump is a special pump for wells with high gas content£®Gas-proof pumps by our company varies such as gas-proof rod pump£¬gas-proof tubing pump£¬middle gas-hole pump and forced valve gas-proof heavy crude oil pump£®Gas-proof pump is applicable for the wells of gas-oil ratio is lower than 420m3/T£®For wells of higher gas contents£¬the pump can work whenit a gas anchor equipped£®

Jet pump is a pump without rod. Its main principle that high-pressure liquid (water or oil)is sprayed into the well by pressure boost device on the ground through the nozzle£¬and when a negative pressure forms around the spray nozzle area, heavy crude oil will be sucked into the pump£®The injected liquid and sucked crude oil will flow with a slow speed upto the ground through fhe annular space of the casing after they have mixed£®The pump is simple in structure, light in weight and has no traveling parts£®The displacement of the pump can be adjusted by replacing nozzle and throat£®The pump features suiting heavy oil£¬gas-proof£¬fixed connection and no sand jamming£®

Double-barrel pump is applicable for deep sucking£®The pump is an improved type of tubing pump by adding an another barrel at outside of the conventional barrel pump£®The standing valve is set on the outer barrel. The load of the liquid inside the tubing and the weight of the tail pipe act on the outer barrel than on the pump barrel£¬so the load on pump barrel is greatly decreased£®This helps to avoid barrel deformation£¬seepage decrease but lead to high pump efficiency£®

Separate-sucking pump is a special pump for separate-layer sucking£®With two suckers£¬the pump sucks oil separately from different oil layer at the same time£¬and drain oil after the liquids have mixed£®In operation£¬the pump just needs to run down to the position of upper layer£¬one sucker of the pump sucks oil from the upper layer£¬and the other sucker goes to the lower layer to suck
oil by extending tail pipe£®

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